Women’s Fitness Center

As our community continues to grow from just 15 families to hundreds in just a few years, our long-term strategy remains community focused. Residents of Naveh are religious families committed to Naveh’s Zionist vision to cultivate the Negev. Our unique character necessities the establishment of creative solutions as we empower every single member. Recently, the women who help make Naveh the welcoming community it has become raised the need for a fitness complex that would provide a unique solution to their needs.

We aim to build a women’s sports center suitable for girls and mothers of different ages and needs. The modern facilities will be designed to strengthen women’s fitness. Establishment of a women-only compound will significantly expand the number of women engaged in sports. The sports center will be built in close proximity to the Ulpana girls high school, providing fitness opportunities to the girls studying at the boarding school.

We are currently looking for generous donors to partner with us in financing the construction of this important sports center for women.


  • Infrastructure: $42,250
  • Environmental Development: $95,020
  • Equipment: $214,585
  • VAT: $59,815
  • Management And Supervision: $12,350
  • Architecture: $20,580
  • Grand Total: $444,600

Once initiated, the construction will be completed in six months.