Rocket Proof Shelters and Safe Rooms

Just two weeks prior to the writing of this paragraph, terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired over 40 rockets and mortar shells at our communities. We had to gather our children and run to the shelters in the middle of the night. Please count 15 seconds as you read this text… That’s how much time we had to gather our families and find safety. This is why we need a rocket proof shelter or safe room in every building and gathering place.
Just a few years ago, the entire Halutza region was nothing but sand dunes. Today, over 130 families with over 600 children call Naveh home. As our population grows, we are building new homes, educational facilities, and other public buildings.  We recently built a school for girls in Naveh but the school does not yet have its own rocket proof shelter. We also have three new families who just recently joined our community who do not have safe rooms in their homes. When a siren goes of in the middle of the night, they have nowhere to run within the 15 second warning.
As our community grows, we are committed to providing each family with the security they need for every man, woman, and child within our area.   Unfortunately, the government only subsidizes the construction of rocket shelters within a seven kilometer distance from Gaza. And, since Naveh is 7.5 kilometers from Gaza, we are not entitled to any government subsidies, even though we are clearly within the range of missiles launched from Gaza. And, we are also situated just 2 kilometers from Egypt, and an area from which our enemies have been known to attack our communities from time to time.

The costs of building rocket proof shelters and safe rooms in common areas and our short-term residences are listed below. Your generous donation will ensure that every child in Naveh is protected. We would be happy to honor your contribution by dedicating a rocket proof shelter or safe room in the name of the person or organization of your choice.

Shelter for the Elementary School (60 m2.) $135,000
Shelter for the Yeshiva High School (32 m2) $140,000*
Safe Rooms for 3 short-term residences owned by Naveh $110,000 ($36,667 each)

* The Yeshiva High School, a boarding school, is required by law to install a sophisticated air filtering system in the shelter, and must also be fitted with plumbing and restrooms, both significantly increasing its’ overall cost.