Establishing a Cowshed

Halutza Agricultural Cooperative Association has launched a large project to establish a cowshed of 1,000 cows, with an expected yield of 10 million liters of milk per year. Ours is an ambitious goal — no other cowshed in Israel has produced 10 million liters of milk within its first year of operation. The barn will be modern, innovative and designed to incorporate future breakthroughs in the field.

Establishing this cowshed will provide employment opportunities and help develop the area. Initially, the cowshed will support about 12 families from the community and from the region.

Construction costs:

Three sheds for dairy cows $4,454,500
Two sheds for the dry cows $593,330
Milking rotary parlor to milk 60 cows simultaneously $2,213,235
Cattle feed distribution center $1,080,000
Infrastructure for the cowshed $944,300
The establishment of the herd $3,104,635
Total $12,390,000