Fields and Orchards

Although agriculture is blooming in Halutza, it is not green all year long, requiring strategic planting of tropical crops that love the heat. Our objective is to establish two plantations producing bananas and avocados.

This strategy has multiple benefits: Given our unique weather circumstances, the fruits will ripen and arrive on the market earlier in the season, giving us a significant economic advantage. Unlike vegetable fields that are more vulnerable to unexpected circumstances, the return from orchards will be less subject to fluctuations, creating economic and employment security. Moreover, planting orchards along the border will stop the sands coming from Egypt and thus allow for expansion.

Orchards will strengthen our community and contribute to the security of the area: We will absorb new farmers, expand the circle of employment and increase the number of residents in the community.  Strategically planted trees will hide our community from Isis and other terror groups across the border, preventing them from gathering intel.

We need your support as we toil to turn the desert into a paradise overflowing with fruits and vegetables grown by the hands of people who love the land of Israel.

  • A banana orchard costs $5,580 per dunam, and an avocado orchard costs $3,900 per dunam.
  • In order to establish an economically sound plantation, we aim to build a banana plantation that is at least 200 dunams and an avocado plantation that is at least 250 dunams, requiring a total investment of $1,115,700 and $976,200 respectively.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture will finance 20% and we pledge to finance another 20%. We are looking for partners to finance the remaining 60%: $669,400 for the banana orchard and $586,000 for the avocado orchard.